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Wirte to me and Escape
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Friday, July 15th, 2005
12:22 am
Courtney's Promise
So here's the thing - I never really use this, but today I promised CKP that I would write an entry...this explains the title (it refers to Courtney Payne, not me in third person) Anyway - after I promise this I realise I don't remember my password and have it sent to my e-mail. Then, as I log in my mouse dies and I need to replace the batteries. They then die again right before I start to type...luckily I just haf to rotate them, but still! I think this is the reason I don't do a lot of entries!

I'm going to Maxwell (might be a single "l"....oh well) Street Days in Madison tom. with my parents - they're really into it, especially my dad....it's seriously been on his calender for months. He doesn't really buy anything either, I think it's just the idea of walking around and people watching. After that I'm off to Minnesota for Lex's grad party...she's be surprized! Well, Courtney I hope your happy, and this shows my devotion to our friendship! Mal - I hope your surprised....and Bret was hot......I feel a road trip coming on - let's catch up with our favorite cowboy!
Monday, February 16th, 2004
10:29 pm
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9:57 pm
Oh what fun!
So.....my account is now finally set up - that is exciting, and I like that I can get into this at school, even though I doubt I will ever have time to try! hahaha I gave a speech today on the Pratt Institute..fun, hopefully no one thinks I'm a creeper now! oh well, it was fun anyway! and - I managed to get married(chris) get a divorce and get married again(Bo) all in one french class - good times

to mal and em- please send me all the contacts you have, I want to look up ppl but I don;t know their names
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